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Ribbon-Cutting and Formalities [Dec. 8th, 2003|01:43 am]
The White Tower Room


Welcome, welcome, welcome one and all to the ribbon-cutting of the White Tower!

I had several big welcome speeches all plotted out, mandates and mission statements galore. But you know what? That sort of pretentious crap you can do without, I think.

The community goals are to write, and to write well. To that end we will all write like mofos, and critique each other's writing. Politely, mind you! I don't want to see flames or unnecessary bashing. The loose schedule for writing is posted below, and both it and the general sense of postings are designed with order in mind, so that we have a nice string of posts with LJ-cuts and fiction and very little extraneous chatter. We can do that in any of a dozen communities.

And other than that, I have only one command for you. Write! Write, my children, write because life is short and our stories, our characters, our friends are immortal as long as we put them into paper, into the web, into stories. Write, because the alternative is unthinkable and to do otherwise would be to dishonor ourselves and our creativity.


On Monday the community will be open to a free-for-all of posting, all stories to be posted under an LJ-cut please. Only stories to be posted, please, and for those of you who are stuck for ideas I will post some prompts, first lines, or ideas (to be determined).

For the next two weeks the community will review the posted stories, offering constructive criticism, praise, review. All of these will be kept to comments only, so as not to clutter the community posting space; I'm trying to keep this neat and clean.

At the end of two weeks, again on Monday, I will open up the community for posting of second drafts, third drafts, umpteenth drafts, or new stories. And so the cycle will continue.


1) We want constructive criticism here. That means no flames, no outright put-downs, and no unequivocal 'YES! I <3 u! you pwnz!!11one'. If you have something to point out that could use improvement, please try also to point out something that you like. If you have paragraphs and paragraphs of gushing praise, please try to also point out something that could use improvement.

2) We want constructive criticism here. That means that people will be pointing out things about your fiction that could use improvement. Please don't take offense immediately, but try and see where the person is coming from; perhaps your story is weak in some areas. If the person doesn't have anything good to say about what you've written (see above guideline for posting criticism) please ask them if there was anything about the story they did like. And, failing all else, the moderators will keep an eye out for flames, trolls, and other such bugbears.

3) Just because this community is set up for original fiction doesn't mean fanfiction isn't important either. We're just trying to limit the scope so that we don't have too much to do immediately.

4) Please limit your posts to 5,000 words apiece. You can post an entire novel if you want to, in 5,000 word chunks, but in the interests of limiting the segments to a length people can read easily within their assorted schedules, we'd like to keep it short. Also, LiveJournal has the bad habit of cutting off really long posts. >

[User Picture]From: amurderofcrows
2003-12-07 11:19 pm (UTC)

Re: For those of us...

Okay! Just wanted to be sure it would be under the coverage of the community. ^_^b
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