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The White Tower Room

Prose Unleashed

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Everyone was poking their head into the door again, this time watching with amusement as she scurried frantically around her bedroom-turned-study, tacking up notes to herself on anything that would stand still. She had a quill pen drooping out of either side of her mouth, spattering ink everywhere. The room being what it was, of course, the ink disappeared almost as soon as it hit any surface. Papers were shuffling themselves into neat little stacks all around, disappearing into file drawers in the wall.

When she absentmindedly tried to stick a note on the forehead of the hapless Jack, though, she got a yelp in return that startled her into dropping quill, papers, and tacks.

"What the hell are you
doing?" he screeched. There was a collection of giggles, some nastily amused, some simply entertained.

"Sorry!" she yiped, banishing the writing implements to a far corner with a wave of her hand and reaching up to check for injury. He knocked her hands away with a characteristic pout. "I'm sorry... I'm just trying to get this place ready. We're going to have guests."

That made him blink, and he seemed to forget all about the misapprehended tacking. "Guests? Wait, here? I thought that was impossible."

"What she means is we're going to have guests, in a manner of speaking. She's enlarging the room and duplicating it as well, creating a ... sort of a communal study."

Jack turned and blinked at the sorcerer, who was framed by curious faces in the doorway. "Communal study?" He turned to look back at her.

She just shrugged. "I couldn't think of anything else to do that seemed to suit the purpose, so I opened up the white tower. I hope you don't mind."

The sorcerer picked his way through the room, a wry twist to his mouth that might have been a smile. "I don't think any of us really minds. I just ... well, I hope it works out for you, at any rate."

"I hope it does too..." she sighed, glancing out the window. "I really hope it does too."


This community is devoted to and designed for the critiquing, revision, and review of original fiction of all kinds. We welcome all authors who are serious about their writing, who want to improve their skills, and who are open to reading and helping others improve their writing skills.

This community is also VERY much under construction. Please forgive lack of posting access or .. well, really anything. I'll try and have it up and running by the 8th.



On Monday the community will be open to a free-for-all of posting, all stories to be posted under an LJ-cut please. Only stories to be posted, please, and for those of you who are stuck for ideas I will post some prompts, first lines, or ideas (to be determined).

For the next two weeks the community will review the posted stories, offering constructive criticism, praise, review. All of these will be kept to comments only, so as not to clutter the community posting space; I'm trying to keep this neat and clean.

At the end of two weeks, again on Monday, I will open up the community for posting of second drafts, third drafts, umpteenth drafts, or new stories. And so the cycle will continue.


1) We want constructive criticism here. That means no flames, no outright put-downs, and no unequivocal 'YES! I <3 u! you pwnz!!11one'. If you have something to point out that could use improvement, please try also to point out something that you like. If you have paragraphs and paragraphs of gushing praise, please try to also point out something that could use improvement.

2) We want constructive criticism here. That means that people will be pointing out things about your fiction that could use improvement. Please don't take offense immediately, but try and see where the person is coming from; perhaps your story is weak in some areas. If the person doesn't have anything good to say about what you've written (see above guideline for posting criticism) please ask them if there was anything about the story they did like. And, failing all else, the moderators will keep an eye out for flames, trolls, and other such bugbears.

3) Just because this community is set up for original fiction doesn't mean fanfiction isn't important either. We're just trying to limit the scope so that we don't have too much to do immediately.

4) Please limit your posts to 5,000 words apiece. You can post an entire novel if you want to, in 5,000 word chunks, but in the interests of limiting the segments to a length people can read easily within their assorted schedules, we'd like to keep it short. Also, LiveJournal has the bad habit of cutting off really long posts. ><